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  Department of Physics and Astronomy


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Contact Info

231 CAP Building
525 Rivers Street
Boone, NC
(828) 262-3090
FAX: (828) 262-2049

Department Chair (Interim)
Dr. Leon H. Ginsberg

Physics Program Coordinator
Dr. Patricia E. Allen

Astronomy Program Coordinator
Dr. Joseph T. Pollock

Graduate Program Coordinator
Dr. J. Sidney Clements

PSM Program Coordinator Dr. Christopher S. Thaxton


Faculty and Staff
Various pictures of faculty at ASU
Patricia E. Allen ·  Associate Professor
Patricia R. Blanton ·  Assistant Editor, THE PHYSICS TEACHER
Pamela R. Brown ·  Editorial Associate, THE PHYSICS TEACHER
Jennifer L. Burris ·  Adjunct Assistant Professor
J. William Byrd ·  Adjunct Professor
Anthony G. Calamai ·  Professor (Dean, College of A&S)
Daniel B. Caton ·  Professor and Director of the Observatories
J. Sid Clements ·  Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
John E. Cockman ·  Director of Laboratories
Tonya S. Coffey ·  Assistant Professor
Walter C. Connolly ·  Professor Emeritus
Adrian N. Daw ·  Associate Professor
Richard W. Genberg ·  Adjunct Assistant Professor
Leon H. Ginsberg ·  Interim Chair
Andrew J. Graham ·  .Deceased (please see link)
Richard O. Gray ·  F.R.A.S., Professor
R. Lee Hawkins ·  Observatory Engineer
Johnny R. Hollandsworth ·  Adjunct Instructor
Michael D. Hughes ·  Arts & Sciences Electronics Technician
Donovan N. Leonard ·  Assistant Professor
Karl C. Mamola ·  Professor and Editor of THE PHYSICS TEACHER
Robert P. Miller ·  Arts & Sciences Machine Shop Supervisor
Brian W. Myer ·  Instructor
D. Carl Newton ·  Adjunct Instructor
Robert C. Nicklin ·  Professor Emeritus
Angela T. Owen ·  Office Manager
Joseph T. Pollock ·  Professor
Carla S. Ramsdell ·  Adjunct Instructor
Thomas L. Rokoske ·  Professor Emeritus
Phillip E. Russell ·  Distinguished Professor of Science Education
Jon M. Saken ·  Assistant Professor
James P. Sherman ·  Associate Professor
Leah B. Sherman ·  Adjunct Assistant Professor
Christopher S. Thaxton ·  Assistant Professor and PSM Program Coordinator
Scott A. Thomas ·  Laboratory Manager and Lecturer



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