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231 CAP Building
525 Rivers Street
Boone, NC
(828) 262-3090
FAX: (828) 262-2049

Department Chair
Dr. Anthony G. Calamai

Physics Program Coordinator
Dr. Patricia E. Allen

Astronomy Program Coordinator
Dr. Joseph T. Pollock

Graduate Program Coordinator
Dr. J. Sidney Clements


Past Master's Theses from Our Program

The design and implementation of the data acquisition and control electronics for a two-star photometer
by Rommie Lee Hawkins 1990
An automated measurement system for investigation of the field charging of particles by ions and free electrons
by Kaisheng Yu 1990
An automated data acquisition system for the study of transient electromagnetic fields radiated from lightning
by Xiaomin Hou 1990
Measurement of meteorological parameters from infrared and visible satellite images using a real-time satellite image receiving system
by Luna Chen 1991
Photoacoustic studies of noble metal films
by Quentin E. Saulter 1991
An experimental system for investigation of electrostatic powder coating processes
by Harold Wilson Cox 1991
An automatic observatory dome rotation system
by Katherine Anne Massopust 1992
An experimental system for investigation of electron/ion number ratios and drift velocities
by Robert Edward Williams 1992
Development of a computer aided single display-cell braille reading device
by Xiyong Lu 1993
Determination of meteorological parameters from geostationary weather satellite infrared images
by Charles Keith Warren 1993
Patterning SiO2 by utilizing an electron beam to enhance etch selectivity
by John Frederick Kimball 1993
Electrostatic powder coating of insulators using an internal corona gun
by Richard Hamilton Bair III 1996
The computer control of an automatic photometric telescope
by Scott Anderson Thomas 1996
Development of a four-channel photometer:
by Johnny Ray Hollandsworth 1997
Experimental torsion-balance system to verify the modified Speak-Gillies model:
by David Mark Whitehead 1997
The atomic force microscopy of flint tools:
by Brian Scott Schlichting 1997
Design and development of a cost efficient braille display
by Robert Bruce Stansell 1997
Development of a HRPT system for NOAA-polar satellites
by Xuxing Zhao 1998
Design, construction and testing of a faint object spectrograph for the Dark Sky Observatory 32" telescope
by Pamela Wheatley Graham 1999
Design and development of a microcontroller-based secure access system for vehicle entrance to a gated facility
by Kevin Inscoe 2000
Construction and development of a speckle interferometer
by Christopher True 2000
Vacuum bake-out control using a microcontroller
by Richard A. Renard 2001
A Simplified Linear Refreshable Braille Display
by Christopher W. Tullar 2001

Examination of Techniques for the Maximatization of Photometric Accuracy in the Study of Short-Timescale Variability of Quasars
by Katie Candillo 2002

An Automated 4.6 Meter Radio Telescope 
by Allen K. Graham 2002
CCD Imaging System with Applications to Trojan Planet Searches 
by Stephen A. Davis 2002
Economic Ultra-High Input Impedence Electrometer for Use in Intracellular Nerve Recordings Utilizing Micropipette Electrodes 
by Joshua L. Hastings 2003
Design and Development of a Microcontroller-Based Accelerometer for Traction Control 
by James Larry Atkins, Jr. 2003
A Wireless Automatic Shutter Control System for Small Astronomy Observatory Domes 
by Joe D. Clevenger 2003
The Design, Construction, and Testing of a Medium-Resolution Cross-Dispersed Ebert Spectrograph for the Dark Sky Observatory 32-Inch Telescope 
by Kelly A. Kluttz 2003

Simulated Ion Capture in a Cylindrical Octupole Radiofrequency Ion Trap
by Eri Ohashi 2004

Labview-Based Data Acquisition System for Charge-Exchange Rate-Coefficient Measurements
by Brooke H. Cranswick 2004

Development of a Wireless Electrocardiogram (EKG) Amplifier
by Greg J. Golden 2005

Integrated Nearshore Wave Amplitude Model for Use on Portable Devices
by Adam F. Jones 2005

Control and Data Acquisition Program for a Radiofrequency Ion Trap
by Christopher C. Estes 2006

A Microcontroller Based Automatic Leveling Plate
by Katherine C. Ingram 2006

Implementation and Interface of a Pulsed Supersonic Valve for Measurements of Charge Transfer Rate Coefficients
by Rebecca J. Stamilio 2007

Re-Inventing Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy: Determining the 'Temperature' of an Ion Cloud
by James C. Gleeson 2007

Effect of Nanoscopic Bubbles on Viscosity at the Solid/Liquid Interface as Measured with a Quartz Crystal Microbalance
by Jonathan M. Jones 2008



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