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  Department of Physics and Astronomy


 Electronics Tech
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231 CAP Building
525 Rivers Street
Boone, NC
(828) 262-3090
FAX: (828) 262-2049

Interim Department Chair
Dr. Leon H. Ginsberg

Physics Program Coordinator
Dr. Patricia E. Allen

Astronomy Program Coordinator
Dr. Joseph T. Pollock

Graduate Program Coordinator
Dr. J. Sidney Clements



Commonly taken courses:

General Science Physics (2). F;S.
A course in a series of four science mini-couses for nonscience majors.

Conceptual Physics I/II (4-4). F/S.
An introductory survey of ideas of physics. Lecture three hours, laboratory two hours.

General Physics I/II (4-4). F/S.
Study of the basic principles of physics. Lecture three hours, laboratory two hours.

Analytical Physics (5-5). F-S.
An analytical and quantitative treatment of physics at a somewhat more advanced level. Intended primarily for students majoring in natural sciences.

Intermediate Physics I/II (4-4). F-S.
A study of basic formulations and concepts in classical physics. Intended primarily for physics majors.

Physics Laboratory and Data Analysis (2).S.
A course emphasizing experimental techniques, measurements, data and error analysis. Intended for physics majors.

Modern Mechanics I/II (3-3). F-S.
An introduction to physics after 1900. Includes concepts of special relativity and quantum mechanics.

Classical Mechanics (3). F.
A study of classical problems in mechanics.

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (3).S.
A study of electromagnetic theory and solutions of problems in electrostatics, Maxwells Equations and electic fields in matter.

Methods of Experimental Physics (3).F.
Advanced physics experiments emphasing measurement theory, analysis, interpretation of data, scientific report writing and oral presentations.



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