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40th High School Reunion - 6/2006

Thanks to Diane Thoman and Randy & Jeri Collins for lots of these pictures!!!!!!

Doug Slacum, Garry Brohawn, Doug Dean

Gordon and Debby Hill

Steve and Suzy Hopkins

Vickey Vickers Bramble, Pam Howell Mills, Renee Lord Redmer

Diand Thoman and Bill Hillburg

Jeri Daffin Collins, Randy Collins, Diane Thoman

Joani, me, Vickie, Debby, Pam


Victor MacSorley, Harold Robinson, Linda Collison Robinson

Gordon Hill, R. T. Mills, Art Wheatley, Pam Howell Mills

Charles Tinley

Harold Robinson and Gordon Hill

Donald Barley and Joani McConnell Davis

Randy Collins, R. T. Mills, E. C. Townsend, Pam Howell Mills

Bob Slacum, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Foxwell

Kaye Wilkinson Barley, Carol Ann Cusick Brohawn, Cathy Yoor Tyler

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Tyler

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Collins

Bill Hillburg, Quette Benjamin, Ronnie Johnson, Art Wheatley, Cathy Yoor Tyler

Mr. & Mrs. Garry Brohawn

Art Wheatley

Dale Price, Diane Thoman, Linda Higgins Price

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barley

Barb and Doug Slacum

Renee Lord Redmer, Mr. & Mrs. E. C. Townsend

Frank Christopher, Mr. & Mrs. Skip Windsor

Donald Barley, Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Hill

Mary Ann Pink Holden and husband

Steve Horner

Susan Robinson, Linda Handley Wroten

Vickey Vickers Bramble

Pam, Susan and Diane

Skip, Cathy, Frank

Diane and Cathy

Me, Skip and Cathy

i like this guy Donald

Susan and Susan




Diane says   -   Whew - what an exhausting day . . .

Brenda Willey Mills, Tommy Mills, Barb Slacum

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Redmer

Jim Tyler, Ronnie Johnson, Stuart Shelley, Doug Slacum

Mr. & Mrs. R. T. Mills, Diane Thoman


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