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"Home is the place where boys and girls first learn how to limit their wishes, abide by rules, and consider the rights and needs of others." ~ Sidonie Gruenberg


The Barley Family


Great Great Grandparents John and Janet McFarland


Grandmother Barley


Granddad Melville Barley

Uncle Buddy, Donald's Dad Don and Aunt Eleanor

Granddad Melville Barley


Uncle Buddy, Dad Barley and Aunt Eleanor


Uncle Buddy and Aunt Eleanor


The Barley Family




Great Aunt Gladys


Uncle Buddy & Aunt Margie


Don and Pearl

(Donald's Mom & Dad)


Donald Scott Barley


Donald and Steve


The Barley's and the Blye's

Steve and Lee Ann's Wedding


The Don Barleys in their favorite chairs


Christmas '87


Christmas '88


Steve, Lee Ann & Family - 1/91


Christmas '91


Aunt Gladys


Christmas 1992


Christmas 1997


Christmas 1998


Christmas 2000


Christmas 2001


Christmas 2003


Christmas 2004


Christmas 2005



Celebrating Don and Pearl's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Seated:  Donald, Pearl, Matt, Harrison

Standing:  Kaye, Don, LeeAnn, Steve, Ryan


Christmas 2006


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