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The Class of '66 celebrated their 60th Birthday Celebration

Saturday, June 28, 2008 at Dan & Ginger Brannock's

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and here's a fun place to hang out.

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"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere." ~ Tim McGraw


Class of '66 Web Page

Page 1

This page is getting a little too big and bulky to load, so I've made a few MORE changes. I've expanded it to three pages and I've set up some links like I did for the reunion pictures rather than having everything here.  Be sure to hit your "refresh button" to load new stuff.

I'll be making additional changes soon, so this page can become more manageable.

We now have a couple of class pictures and new snapshots from Academy School that Randy sent - more to come so check back!  Linda Collison Robinson is going to try to find the East Cambridge School pictures.

Anyone else out there who has pictures they'd like included, please send them to me over email at this address:

  and I'll happily include them.

OR, send them to me on a disk  -  OR, send them to me in the mail and I'll scan them and mail the pictures back to you.   Send them to: 

606 Proffit Road, Boone, NC  28607

This has been great fun for me and I'm overwhelmed with the response from you all and happy that you're enjoying it.

All because of this little project which has grown and grown and will continue to grow, I've been wonderfully lucky and happy to hear from people who were so important to me growing up - its meant the world to me.  ESPECIALLY my buddy Jackie Aaron McGlaughlin.  My very best "little girls growing up on Race Street friend."

Life is Good.

Folks who have helped and contributed in building the web page so far are:

Vickey Vickers Bramble

Randy & Jeri Collins

Karen Wright Rayne

Susan Robinson

Diane Thoman

Charles Tinley


my delightfully evil gal pal Joani McConnell Davis


to the best friends in the whole world -

Pam & R.T. Mills and Gordon & Debby Hill

who put us up (and put up with us!) whenever we come to Cambridge



Cathy Yoor Tyler

and her diligence in keeping us all together by working hard year after year, along with the rest of the reunion committees who help her.

Thank you Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I hope to see you all for our 60th birthday reunion!



LOTS more coming - keep checking . . . .


Meet some special folks from Maryland





Kindergarten - 1954

In front of the Cambridge Armory

Back row - Dotty Shriver, Robin Kincaid, Barbara Schneider, Shelley Nelson, Reggie Dean, Lea Davis, Doug Murphy,  Miss Rydah Collins, Brice Kinnamon

Middle row - Chief Price, Mary Ann Todd, Frank Christopher, Woody Jones, Connie Maguire, Karen Adams, Randy Collins, Billy Farver, Mary Ann Pink, Robbie Ewing

Front row - Navy Jones,  Debbie Cox, Charles Scher, Jennifer Culpepper, R. T. Mills, Mark Ruark, Joani McConnell, David Book, Diane West, Susan Robinson

(contributed by Randy Collins)

Ballet Recital

Back Row - Chris Kinnamon, Karen Adams, Shelly Nelson, Linda Handley, Sue Luthy and Melanie Malkus

Front Row - Donna McNaughton, ??, Karen Wright, Judy ?, Kaye Wilkinson

(contributed by Karen Wright Rayne)

Frankel's Dept. Store fashion show at the Yacht Club

Donna Brigham, Kaye Wilkinson, ??, Debbie Cox, Connie Maguire

??, Robin Kincaid, Donn Brigham, ??, ??, Connie Maguire, Kaye Wilkinson


Peach Blossom Elementary Class Pictures



Academy Elementary School Class Pictures


East Cambridge Elementary Class Pictures


Swim Team

 1960 Gas Company Little League


Cambridge High

Miss RFC - 1965

Janice Willey, Shirley Creighton, Linda Smith, Carol Hughes, Karen Adams, Cathy Yoor, Barbara Bradford, and Elaine Evans


Class of '66 Hall of Fame




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