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Oh, Those Wilkinson Women!

Edna, Mable and Miriam


Belle, Hilda, Miriam and Edna



Aunt Belle and Uncle Kelly

Calvin W. and  Mary Isabelle Wilkinson Mowbray


Aunt Belle - High School Graduation






Uncle Kelly and Bobby Kennedy


Billy, Wray and Janet Belle


Aunt Belle & Billy, 1946


Billy in his favorite shirt


Thanks to this man - Cousin Billy - for most of these wonderful old Wilkinson family photos!!!


Wray at Mt. Everest


 Janet Belle


4 generations - Aunt Belle, her daughter Janet Belle, her daughter Dona, and her daughter Belinda


Aunt Belle, Wray, Janet Belle & Billy

Janet Belle's 70th birthday

Aunt Belle's 92nd Birthday


Donald, Aunt Belle, Uncle Irv and me


Aunt Edna and Uncle Lewis

Uncle Lewis


Uncle Lewis and Aunt Belle

Aunt Edna

Aunt Edna and Hazel

Uncle Lewis







with Pat & Hans


Aunt Mable and Uncle Roy


Uncle Roy


Aunt Mable


Uncle Roy and Dick


Dick, Joan, George, Pat, Hans, Laurie and Scottie



Uncle Irv and Aunt Miriam

Uncle Irv and Aunt Miriam

Uncle Irv

with Uncle Lewis and Little Irv


Little Irv and Deb



Me with Uncle Irv & Aunt Miriam - '92


Aunt Ethel and Uncle Dutch Esch


Aunt Ethel and Laura Mae

Aunt Belle and Aunt Ethel


Aunt Ethel


Paul and Leslie Esch


Uncle Ed and Aunt Hilda

Aunt Hilda, Uncle Ed and Aunt Miriam


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