The Appalachian State University Men's Glee Club was organized in the Fall of 1962 as an extracurricular musical ensemble. In the fall of 1966 the Men's Glee Club became one of the accredited performing organizations in the School of Music. Glee Club membership continues to draw from most colleges and divisions of the university. The common bond between members of this ensemble is the enjoyment of singing together.

The ensemble's repertoire include both sacred and secular music from all historical periods, concentrating primarily on literature composed specifically for the male chorus. Attention is also given to the extensive repertoire of folk music arranged for men's voices.

Activities of the Glee Club include performances on campus and across the southeastern United States, providing entertainment and educational programs at community and school functions. The Glee Club was the featured ensemble at the General Session for a North Carolina Music Educator's Association In- Service Conference in Winston-Salem, NC in 1995.

Dr. Philip M. Paul, retired Professor of Music at Appalachian State University, was director of the Glee Club between 1966 and 1997. After Dr. Paul's retirement, Dr. Clinton Parker took over the group. Dr. Parker was the founder of the Men's Glee Club and today serves Appalachian State as the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. Mr. Mike Clawson was an assistant to Dr. Parker from 1997-2000. He is also a former member of the ASU Men's Glee Club. After Mr. Clawson's departure from the group, Mr. Edward Alton was brought in as an assistant to Dr. Parker. Mr. Alton became director of the group in the spring of 2001. Today, the ASU Men's Glee Club is under the direction of Dr. Roosevelt Escalante Jr. Dr. Escalante is an assistant music director at the Hayes School of Music.

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